Rocking, Rolling and Rambling – Musical CD from Father & Son Band

Musical CD from Father & Son Band

Father & Son + 1 eventually grew into a five-man band, and changed their name to the Father & Son Band. This is their newest CD. This is, once again, a combination of their own compositions and a number of cover songs that they feature regularly in their live performances. The songs included on this CD are:
  1. The Cover of Rolling Stone
  2. Proud Mary
  3. Ramblin’ Man
  4. Cecilia
  5. Wild Montana Skies
  6. Boarding Pass to Nowhere
  7. Good Time Girl
  8. Maybe You’ll Still Care
  9. The River
  10. Honey Won’t You Let Me In
  11. Lady Madonna
  12. Hooray, Hooray

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The CD will be available for a price of € 15

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