Coming of Age – A Novel with Photos and Music

Coming of Age - A Novel with Photos and Music by Jimmy Petterson

If you liked Jimmy Petterson’s seminal work about skiing, Skiing Around the World, you will love his first novel, Coming of Age. You were probably drawn to Skiing Around the World by an adventurous nature—similar to Jimmy’s own inner spirit—an inquisitive nature that was curious about exploring the outer limits of the ski galaxy. Now, in Jimmy’s first novel, you can learn about the psychological factors that are at the core of all of us restless souls that have a need to see and experience what is on the other side of the mountain… or the other side of the world.

Coming of Age is, without question, the most unique book ever created. To be accurate, it is not really just a novel…. It is a first of its kind work of art—a novel illustrated with photos and intertwined with music.

Jimmy Petterson is a Renaissance man—an artist who has spent much of his life traveling the world for inspiration to feed his various talents. Jimmy had traveled in 10 countries before his 10th birthday, had visited 40 lands before reaching that middle-age milestone of his 40th year, and today has experienced the cultures and landmarks in well over 90 nations. A writer of fiction, nonfiction and songs, a photographer, a singer, a guitar player, a performer, a skier, a scholar, and perhaps above all, an adventurer, Jimmy puts it all on display in this new and unique work.

In Coming of Age, Jimmy combines his lyrical poetry set to music with photography taken all over the world and an absorbing story that is of interest for all ages. This tale of life follows Eric, the protagonist, from early childhood through an epic “coming of age” travel adventure that should be a part of every person’s upbringing. It explores the psychological dichotomy between the rational and emotional sides of human nature that have intrigued every psychologist since the days of Freud and Jung.

Follow Eric through chapters that parallel the human experience—from an infant’s curiosity about the limited world within his reach through a child’s gradual discovery of an expanded world, an adolescent’s first experiences with sex, infatuation and love, and a young man’s discarding the shackles of parental control to enter a new arena of adventure without horizons.

By the time you have finished following Eric through his coming of age, you will have had your spirit lifted and you will have a clearer understanding of where you personally have been as well as where you are going.

Skiing Around The World Book

Skiing Around The World Book