Rocking, Rolling & Rambling – Musical CD from Father & Son Band

Father & Son + 1 eventually grew into a five-man band, and changed their name to the Father & Son Band. This is their newest CD. This is, once again, a combination of their own compositions and a number of cover songs that they feature regularly in their live performances.
The songs included on this CD are:
  1. The River-Erik sings lead on this cover of the Bruce Sprinsteen classic.
  2. Hurray, Hurray-This old blues number features Elie on lead vocals and also displays Elie’s amazing talent on harmonica.
  3. Proud Mary-Father & Son + 1 often sing this in their live shows. This is neither the Creedence version nor the Tina Turner rendition. Rather, it is the group’s own interpretation of John Fogerty’s classic.
  4. Cecilia-Jimmy sings lead in this, one of Simon and Garfunkel’s trademark hits.
  5. The Weight-Father & Son + 1 give a rousing rendition of what was probably the biggest hit for the Band back in their heyday in the 1970s.
  6. Ramblin’ Man-Erik is again in the spotlight in the Allman Brother’s country-rock classic.
  7. Cover of Rolling Stone-It is truly the wish of Erik, Jimmy, and Elie to someday achieve the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, but it is quite likely that their version of Dr. Hook’s 1972 hit is as close as they will ever get to the cover of the famous rock ‘n’ roll magazine.
  8. American Pie-Jimmy sings lead on the song that the band often uses to close down their live act.
  9. You Can’t Go Backwards-This is a song about the bittersweetness of love, written by Jimmy back in the 1970s, when he was often shedding the tears resulting from love’s whimsical path.
  10. Boarding Pass to Nowhere-A song that Jimmy wrote for Erik’s mother has special meaning for Erik and he puts his entire heart and should into it.
  11. Good Time Girl-Jimmy spent many years as a good time guy, before he met the good time girl who taught him a lesson about life. Jimmy sings lead on his own composition.
  12. One Night Stand-It is probably easy to imagine the them of this tune for which Jimmy wrote the lyrics and the three band members combined to compose the melody.
  13. Occupy Wall Street-Again Jimmy wrote the lyrics to this hard-hitting protest song and all three boys combined to compose the melody. Isn’t it time that we see more protest songs again? There certainly is enough wrong doing that deserves protest in this day and age.